My Story


Flying out of the window on the back of a dragon

When I worked in a corporate job a few years back, I had the wildest day dream: I dreamt of flying out of the window on the back of a dragon! To me this is a symbol that explains everything that I was longing for. I was longing for freedom, for embracing the non-conventional, and for inviting magic into my life, feeling free, whole and alive again, the way I remember it from the very first years I crawled and walked around on this planet earth.


I was brought up in Norway, outside of Oslo. A place that I remember as quite boring, and where I had to adapt to be liked. There was one way of living, one way of thinking, one way of dressing. Everything out of the ordinary would be looked down at, treated as strange, weird. So I tried to adapt the best I could in my childhood, and teens, and this way of adapting to societal rules and way of living continued many years into my adulthood... Until my body told me that enough is enough... 

For many years I was working at an office in the art administration in Norway. Although some parts of me liked the job, I did not feel fullfilled and I crashed on the sofa once the work-day was over. I was over-stimulating my brain power and using none of my intuitive and creative powers and this created an unhealthy imbalance within me. 

Over the years of working in the office, I did two educations on the side, in healing- and regression therapy and art therapy. The intense inner work eventually led to lots of outer changes over a short period of time. Long story short I got pregnant at the same day as I lost my art administration job. Nothing is randon, and I saw the fact that my work-place was moving to another part of the country not as a loss, but as the unique opportunity I had been waiting for. I could finally break free from a life where I felt depleted and unfullfilled, and move onto a path where I could use all of my resources and create a beautiful life for my son. I decided to move to Denmark with my family, but a couple of weeks before moving, me and my ex-husband realized that divorce was the best thing for all of us. So I ended up in Denmark alone with my 1 year old, with no plan, no network, no material security and nothing to fall back on. None of the job announcements were appealing to me, and since I was taking care of my kid, my time and job options were limited. Besides, my son did not sleep much at night, and often I was without sleep several days in a row. Even if it was a challenging time, I knew that it was all perfectly laid out and I felt my new country as my home from the very first day. It felt as if I could finally breathe!

So that was when I decided that I would build up my own business instead of going back to corporate life. I started a one year mentorship in feminine business and leadership, with focus on balancing the maculine action based activities with yoga, restorative practices and contact to the feminine wisdom and intuition. My network expanded and I felt more and more at ease with my situation and new life.

To build up my own business is the most challenging and self-confronting thing I have done in my life, bringing up all limiting beliefs, fears and inner demons that I had not yet dared to face. The entrepreneurial journey is a journey of self-development and self-discovery. Challenging yes, but worth it all the way! Confronting and facing my fears have made me stronger and more powerful. I am not any longer putting off with ..., my boundaries are stronger and I know what I want and where I want to be. The feeling of freedom in living my purpose far outgrows the obstacles and challenges on the way, and in turn these are only there to help me become more and more true to myself and my surroundings.

As a child I was extremely shy. I was challeged both at school and home. I was very sensitive and could feel beings and creatures around me, and had very powerful dreams at night.



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