A virtual space for creating, expressing your truth and sharing your magic, light and power



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Meet like-minded creatives in virtual space to...:


⭐️Dive into your inner worlds through creative expression, meditation and inner journeys


⭐️Share your authentic voice with others


⭐️Build your confidence and courage to speak up and create in a way that is unique to you


Courageous Creatives Community is...


...a virtual space for creatives and seekers of inner truth who feel drawn to a space to be themselves, connect with others and to build their confidence and inner power.
All free spirits, wild women and wild men, are welcome here 💚


Workshops are held every Wednesday at 12-13.15 pm CET time.
Every second week the space is held by Marit Lehmann. The other weeks different facilitators are invited in to hold the space, and to share boldly from their work. Common to them all is that they are changemakers with a genuine wish to make this world a better place, working in their own ways with guiding people into their bodies and inner worlds, letting creativity unfold from within. 

Who am I? 

My name is Marit Lehmann and I am a creativity mentor. What sets me most on fire is to work with talented creative souls who feel an inner calling to make a positive impact in this world. My work is based on empowering creatives to express themselves authentically and move boldly towards their dreams. 

I offer creative freedom private immersions and mentorships to creatives / start-up entrepreneurs to gain confidence in building up their life's work. I also hold courses and workshops based on the philosophy that in community we grow stronger because we can reflect each others light. In community with like-minded souls it is easier to speak up as who we are without filters, so that we can step into the world doing what we came here for ❤❤❤

What they say...:


"Marit is an amazingly feminine, sensitive guide who connects people through their creativity and intuition. Her guided meditations and exercises bring you back to the source and origins of all emotions: the vast ocean of subconscious. This journey is colorful and powerful, so be sure to enter those inner doors, and discover more about your own self. I immensely loved the path I walked with her guidance. My endless gratitude, Marit". 

- Ágnes

"In this circle I felt I could be myself and taking steps forward to who I want to be in this life. I felt healing in the circle when pieces fell into place and were part of something that wanted to be whole, healed. My inner balance and needs becomes a common need of our common planet".

- Kerstin

"Marit is a warm caring person who encouraged us to explore and get in touch with our inner self and who helped us all to communicate with each other proving that distance does not necessarily have to divide us".