Creative Freedom Intensive

90 day 1-on-1 Immersion 

Creative Freedom Intensive is an inner journey designed to help you...:


✔️ Unlock your creative genius


✔️ Boost your confidence


✔️ Set yourself free from old limiting beliefs about what is possible for you



 The process helps you access the goldmine of resources that is already within you, and reconnecting you to the parts of yourself that have been undernourished or hidden from your view.
When you dare to look within, magic happens, and you will enjoy a creative life with more joy and flow. 




This inner journey is for you if...: 


✔️ You know you are meant for something greater and you feel a great unused potential within


✔️ You are ready to see the deeper truths of why you are holding yourself back from a wild creative life


✔️ You feel that there is no more time to waste living a life that does not serve your higher purpose

What you can expect:

- Access to the keys that will help you unlock your creative potential

- My undivided presence to support you in the process of becoming more unapologetically you, more alive, more creatively free

- Guidance into your inner worlds through guided journeys, meditations, art therapeutical exercises and other creative exercises 

This is included:

- Virtual sessions every second week (8 sessions in total)

- Creative exercises between each time we meet

-Email support 

-Access to my course on the 7 keys to creative freedom

-Access to guided meditations to help you in the process

Investment Options

Pay in full



Pay in 3 installments



Pay in 6 installments



Unsure if this is for you and want to discover more about how it is to work with me?

Then you are welcome to book a free call:)