3 weeks healing process

What is that issue that has been troubling you for long, that you have been working on, but that don’t seem to leave your system? 

That one thing that prevents you from stepping up to your next level. 

Perhaps it's emotional; feelings of stuckness, of not being able moving forward, of hanging on to the past, or being afraid of embracing your real purpose and shining your light. 

Perhaps this issue leaves you feeling drained, tired, imbalanced and physically challenged.

You know you are meant for something more, so why can't you seem to let go and get moving towards what you know is right for you?

Healing can help with imbalances and help you in the process of becoming more whole.

It can help you to energetically to let go of your particular issue.



This healing process is about becoming aware, embracing, and releasing.

The best, deepest and most long-lasting effects of healing happens when you become aware of and accept your issue and the reason and purpose of it, and then embrace it completely, so that you are ready to let go of it. 

The body, the mind and the emotions are intricately connected – what we think affects what we feel, which again affects how our body reacts. When I send remote healing, I send it to all parts of you and you will receive the healing where you most need it. I work as a channel for the most optimal healing to flow to you. 

For better progress with your particular issue, we will have a talk before starting the process and after each healing session. I share with you what I can sense - sometimes images come to me, sometimes words, and sometimes an overall sensation of the healing given. In my experince I download what is essential to share with you, that can help you in your process. 

Included in the healing process

- In our first meeting we'll have a talk on zoom about your situation and current needs. This takes from 30-45 minutes.

- I send you remote healing of 30-40 minutes according to your needs that will take place in 4-7 days intervals. You stay in the comfort of your home, light candles and put on relaxing music, and get ready to receive. 

- After each session we will have a talk about it

Your Investment

3 weeks healing process



What clients say


These months having Marit as my mentor have been invaluable. Looking back to my first session, I don’t even recognise myself. Marit with her extensive toolbox, has helped my creative process and my trust in myself. She guides you with wisdom, love and gentleness, and I can highly recommend her unique guidance for everyone that needs help with empowering themselves in their creativity.


The one to one sessions with Marit helped me to take steps forward in my creative work that is closer to my heart. By going deeper into myself and my inner nature, I discovered recurring patterns in my life, and how I could create new shapes by changing patterns. I experienced that my inner longing is a longing not only for me but for a natural world in a larger perspective. By being true to my feelings and letting my expressions out I make space for growth in the world that comes from within.