Dive into your true potential and higher purpose


Ever wonder why you keep attracting the same type of people and situations in your life, and why some patterns seem to always repeat themselves? 

If you are weighed down by your challenges, it can be hard to see the potential of what you are going through. However, when looking at the difficulties of the life's journey as something that is there to teach you something, you can get a deeper acceptance of it.

The essence of the Gene Keys teachings is that all shadows contain a gift.  Through a Gene Keys session we'll shed light on how your shadow patterns encoded in your DNA can be transmuted to your greatest gifts and unique blueprint, and that the shadow and gift are really two parts of the same coin. 

By accepting the shadow aspect of yourself, you can move beyond the shadow, and start creating more fullfilling situations, meaningsful contact with other people and a life that is more aligned with who you truly are. 

When accepting the shadow you allow the gifts to bloom, and you allow your true purpose to emerge. 

Accepting and embracing the shadow is the key to transforming darkness to light. 

 To dive in to the Gene Keys can be fullfilling for anyone, no matter where you are in your journey. If you are drawn to these teachings, they will surely have something for you. 

Diving into the Gene Keys is one of several ways to open up. A portal into yourself, to your unconscious, to self-reflection and self-acceptance. A portal into your purpose, to your heart, to joy and to a fullfilling life. 


The sessions and how it works

Your Gene Keys are calculated from the place and time of your birth, so in a session we will look at your unique blueprint. You can download your own profile free of charge here

Read more about the Gene Keys from its source here.

The Gene Keys must be experienced, not understood by the mind only.

The session will be a combination of guiding you into the body, sensing the energy of your particular keys and how they apply to your life, and giving you a mental understanding of the system, so that you can continue the exploration on your own.

You come as you are with whatever you are going through at the moment, and we'll connect with your particular Gene Keys to see what gifts they have hidden for you.

Your Investment

Gene Keys session

$200 (intro price $100)

  • 90 minutes call on Zoom

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