Embrace your true self

In this 8 weeks transformational journey I witness you as you find your own answers to your truths.

The greatest transformation takes place when the answers come from the inside,

when you discover your own patterns,

when you see for yourself what is holding you back,

what you need to breathe more freely and to live a more purposeful life.

I am holding space for you to find the way back to yourself.
To become more whole.
To become more you.

I am not here to fix you.

In fact, you don’t need any fixing.

You are whole and perfect as you are,
this moment.

I am here to witness you, so that all parts of you feel loved and embraced.

In this process we use art therapeutical techniques for you to get a deeper understanding of your path, your struggles and your strengths.

Through creative expression we access the deeper parts of ourselves, which have been hidden in the shadows, and which the intellectual mind cannot figure out for itself.

This is for you if...: are ready to take your life challenges and/or confronting relationships as an opportunity to GROW into a more whole version of yourself. are conscious that there are shadow patterns within you, knocking on the door to be embraced and transformed into light. want to stand even stronger in your core. want to express more of who you are. want to make life choices that are good for YOU. want to release what stands in the way for your higher mission and vision in life.  

 Investment options

Pay in full


  • 6 sessions x 90 minutes (spread over 8 weeks)
  • 2 x healing sessions to support the process
  • Email support Monday-Friday for the entire journey

Pay in 3 installments


  • 6 sessions x 90 minutes (spread over 8 weeks)
  • 2 x healing sessions to support the process
  • Email support Monday-Friday for the entire journey

Happy clients

Cathrine Christoffersen

I can highly recommend working with Marit! I have experienced working with her both in private 1-1 sessions, in group sessions and I have also received private distant healing from her. She is a great teacher, healer and facilitator, and she creates a safe place for you to explore your inner spaces which you do not necessarily want to look at. With love, compassion and patience she safely guides you to explore and release your deepest shadows and fears, and she also helps you to reconnect to your inner child. During the private sessions with Marit I used crayons on paper to express my inner feelings, and I really enjoyed this creative process. I always felt more whole and confident after my sessions with Marit. Marit is a warm, openhearted, thrustworthy,  authentic and beautiful person & soul.

Kerstin Engblom Clavijo

The one to one sessions with Marit helped me to take steps forward in my creative work that is closer to my heart. By going deeper into myself and my inner nature, I discovered recurring patterns in my life, and how I could create new shapes by changing patterns. I experienced that my inner longing is a longing not only for me but for a natural world in a larger perspective. By being true to my feelings and letting my expressions out I make space for growth in the world that comes from within.