For Inner Peace and Balance

Heart healing & Intuitive healing 


At the moment I offer two types of healing; heart healing and intuitive healing. These healings are designed to support you in what you need most at the moment. 

Heart healing can feel like a warm hug, and can give a feeling of being filled up from within. Intuitive healing goes deeper than heart healing. It can help you to release inner blockages, and help your energy to flow more easily. 

I use healing in my deep dive processes with clients (see GROW and ALIGN), but I have decided to open up for single sessions also.

Single session healing takes from 30-45 minutes, and in total we meet for 60 minutes to leave space for sharing. The sessions take place on zoom. 

If you are interested in knowing more about my background as a healer, you can read more here.


The Options

Heart Healing

$130 (50% off in April)

  • 60 minutes session over Zoom

Intuitive Healing

$130 (50% off in April)

  • 60 minutes session over Zoom

Happy Clients

Linda Renate Andersen

"In the Intuitive Healing session with Marit I could clearly feel the energy being moved within my body, and energies were being balanced and shifted. It came to a point where a deeply embedded theme was opened up and I got to an emotional release of that old wounded imprint. After, I felt like I had more space within me, that I could hold and give more love. A feeling of peace".