Private mentorship to support creatives and visionaries in bringing their work to the world




I've got you. I've been there myself. 


Perhaps you have not yet realized, but your work and your unique expression is needed, and there are people out there just waiting for you to step out of your comfort zone.


So there is no more time to waste - let's get to work!


In this 6 months mentorship you will work on what is blocking you from expressing yourself freely, or finally go for that amazing visionary project you have wanted to start, but never got yourself to. You will boost your self-confidence and get yourself ready to speak from your heart without waiting for other's approval. 


This is an inner journey to letting go of self-doubt, limiting beliefs and mastering the art of speaking courageously up in front of an audience or get out of your artistic closet and let your work be visible to the world. 


If you can recognize yourself in one of the following descriptions, this mentorship is absolutely for you:


- You already have an idea of what you want to create/express/work towards, and the only things holding you back are your lack of self-assurance and limiting beliefs about what is possible for you.


- You are a creative with big dreams for the future of your life and for the future of the earth. You feel a deeper calling to do something good for humanity. 


- You may already be an entrepreneur, but want to move in a new direction where you do a work that is more in alignment with your higher calling and your authentic self, but feel that this new move will require much more courage.


- You may be a performing artist, but keep your work to yourself or to a small circle. You want support in getting your soulful pieces of art visible to a much bigger audience.


Sounds like you?


Then you are welcome to book apply for a free call with me to see if we are a match.


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A mentorship that takes you through 3 stages

It is possible to go from fear and self-doubt directly into action, but what I have found is that if your creative or communication channels are blocked, it is for a deeper reason. To take action, jump off the cliff, is good, but to deal with the difficulties you have of being seen, it is necessary to look with in. This program is designed to help your through the initial fear and dive deep into the cause of it before letting your voice be heard (Clean Up). By being held in a safe space, in a cocoon, the ... will have the time it needs to be ready. And once it is, it will turn into a butterfly, see its own beauty (Grow Up) and eventually spread its wings (Speak Up). This way you will have the tools you need when you stand naked on a public scene - the tools to hold yourself in it, learning to live with the fear and doing it anyway because your freedom is more important than anything.  

Clean Up 

Cocoon stage - look within. 

Grow Up 

Turn in to a butterfly - see your own beauty.

Speak Up 

Spread your wings - get your voice and work out there. 

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