Dare to Walk the Heart Path

THE CALLING is an Inner Circle open to anyone who...


🤍 desires to live a fuller life more in alignment with who they truly are


🤍 feels a higher calling to something greater than themselves


🤍 knows that time is NOW to take the whispers of their heart seriously


  We find ourselves in a pivotal and fast-changing period in human history, where more and more people feel the inner calling of walking down a new path, of becoming more of who they are, and of embracing what they are here to do.

To follow your heart and what you deep within know is right for you, is not the easy path. It takes tremendous courage, because following the heart means moving into new territories that are unfamiliar to you. It means breaking out from the old version of you, risking criticism and discouragement from others. It means to grow from within, allowing more of your true self to be expressed and to trust in your path no matter how many stones you find on the way to your goal. 


By becoming a member of THE CALLING, you will be supported on your path to becoming more of YOU, to TRUST your heart above anything else, and to DARE to step onto unknown territories despite initial feelings of fear. 

It is a self-development process that will support your transformation into a bolder and fuller version of yourself, so that you can walk into the world with a more authentic expression.

It is a group process where we will support and uplift one another. By reflecting yourself in others, you become STRONGER on the path towards your goals.




How it works

THE CALLING is membership based, which means that you receive new contents every month as long as you are a member. 

Every month you will participate in an online gathering. What will happen in the gatherings depends on the months' topic, but typically there will be guided meditations combined with creative expression (drawing, painting, collage etc), and group shares. Contents will change from month to month, but the focus will always be to come deeper in touch with your true self, and with the wisdom of your body and your intuition.

Every month you will have access to a new guided meditation on audio that you can dive into between gatherings.

The group will receive a remote healing of 30-40 minutes to support you in your process. 

There will also be a Facebook group where you can stay in touch with the other members between the online meetings. 

The price pt. is $33/m. If you sign up now, you will keep this price as long as you are a member, even if the monthly fee goes up.

Frequently asked questions

Your Investment


$33/m (intro price)


Said about earlier workshops/courses

"Marit is an amazingly feminine, sensitive guide who connects people through creativity and intuition. Her guided meditations and exercises bring you back to the source and origins of all emotions: the vast ocean of subconscious. This journey is colorful and powerful, so be sure to enter those inner doors, and discover more about your own self. I immensely loved the path I walked with her guidance. My endless gratitude, Marit".


"Dare to be Wild course was magical! It gave me so much more than I have expected from it! Marit have created such wonderful meditations that she will guide you through and you will be able to connect to your True Self! You will get to meet your wild woman and to hear what she has to say to you! You will learn to listen to your body and to hear what it has to say! You will get to meet your spirit animal and hear the message it has for you! The best thing I have experienced lately! Sooo grateful to Marit for this experience! THANK YOU!!! <3 <3 <3"


"I am crazy about all the creative exercises of this course and all the guided meditations. Marit really hits the string and does it just right. You will feel guided, but not pushed, cared for but also empowered.
And then there is this community of women, who dare to connect and this is really gold. So much beauty, so much authenticity and creativity!
If you long to connect to yourself on a very deep level, to rediscover your feminine power and to connect to other amazing women, there is nothing to think about. It's a beautiful space to do exactly that!"